Business Consultancy/Financial Education

Most businesses fail because of lack of mentorship and business consultancy programs to guide the business man or woman to know how to navigate his business terrains properly. So we offer such consultancy programs generally, through our BILLIONAIRES ACADEMY and privates on demands or as need arises. 

Moreover, life centres greatly around finance, yet little effort is put by institutions to educate the masses on financial education. Hence poor financial literacy has left a great majority with less mental and financial acuity and management. Therefore we see need to embark on such financial literacy and wealth creation principles awareness.


Leadership Training & Development Programs

“Everything rises and falls on Leadership” – John C. Maxwell. Leadership training and development is the major hold and structural component of any successful business or organisation. However, this is one of the most neglected and ignored area in our society and institutions as well. So half baked, novice managers and staff or workers are pushed into the systems with poor leadership know-how and skillfulness, causing chaos and unstable organisational administration. This is why we are giving special attention to this area in our institution.


Life Coaching & Mentoring 

Life is so complicated to be lived casually. Family, education, relationships &marriage, business, religion, vocations &careers, aspirations and ambitions, health, culture, norms & etiquette etc. all make up life itself. And every smart person would understand the need to be guided aright in every step and decision or actions he is taking in life. Our decisions and actions in life can either make or marr, elevate or demote, build or destroy, promote or abase. Hence life mentoring and coaching is something we wouldn’t neglect to give a special attention.


Healthcare Services 

Health is wealth. Yet a lot of person have not given special attention to their health. Eating whatever pleases, staying at whichever environment and giving any kind of self-medication is not appropriate to life. Knowledge is paramount in taking care of one’s self. Also, a lot of illness can be avoided if one knows what to avoid and what to do in time. So we also give our partners the special health care training programs, examining and diagnosis,  recommendations and therapy for good health. We also believe in public health and work to enhance same.


Community Services 

We believe in the philosophy of ‘Live and let’s live’. We can’t negate the fact that we live in a society full of so much pains and struggles. So we believe in reaching out to the unreached and giving back to the society through social services. Such services include; feed the family project, scholarship schemes, medical checkup and Medicare for the public, portable water supply, etc. We believe that a little drop of water can give life to a dying plant, and a spot of light can illuminate a life.


Students Entrepreneurial Schemes  

It is obvious that technology has made the industrial economy obsolete. The high demand that was placed on certification is now obverse. It is now the certified who are killing and dying for years to get an opportunity to pick crumps that fall from the table of the employers or bosses (i.e. salary). Hence we have devised a means to prepare, propose and present wealth creation and entrepreneurial development projects into the school system (and curriculum), to help the pupils and students to become more financially literate and equipped with the necessary leadership, financial and life’s skills to create wealth for themselves within and after school; and not to wait and join the queue of millions of applicants seeking for jobs offers years after graduation, which is not sure to come by.

This also would help the students to focus on knowledge and understanding their course of study and becoming resourceful in their discipline, rather than thinking of how to go to school in order to get a good paying job to make a living. This erroneous ideology has to be corrected.


Social Entrepreneurship (MLM) 

One of the core business model we have chosen to embark on as a platform for our partner to raise cash flow is the Multi-Level Marketing. This is not a perfect business model, yet a better and preferred model. This is a business model that allows everyone to succeed and grow to reach their fullest potential. It doesn’t discriminate: no colour bias, no gender riot, doesn’t require any special or formal education qualification or attainment (meaning a total illiterate can do and succeed), no ethnic or religious barriers, no age bracket or limit. This model allows anyone to get started with minimal entry fee yet has opportunity to enjoy unlimited income potentials. It has a lifetime earning potential, which is also transferable to family members or preceding generations after them. It comes with a lot of task benefits and travel opportunities. It is one of the few business model where the entrepreneur can earn passive income from thousands of persons by a leverage system. This model embodies health freedom, time freedom and financial freedom, and one can achieve all within a stipulated timeframe. It is the one business model that permits, encourages and enforces capacity building and lifes’ skill development. This business model gives her partner the opportunity to touch multiples of lives directly and indirectly. It gives the businessman their desired lifestyle within few years of  direct mentorship. They have solid and unwavering support atructure and systems to help whoever wishes to succeed. And numerous more benefits and undue advantages attached. And we have an amazing partner in this industry, THE EMPOWERED CONSUMERISM. We believe it the business model for all.


Why Choose Us?

Practical Life Coaching

We offer practical life coaching; making our partners prepared and ever ready for their lives’  endeavors.

Wealth Creation

We have a formidable working and duplicable system for wealth creation. 

Durable Legacy

We offer our partners opportunity to create life-lasting legacies.

Transformation System

We embark on a grassroots-digital transformation.

Reward System

We offer lofty opportunities for revenues through our partnership and business model.

Integration Modules

We also create rooms for social integration across boards.


We offer entrepreneurial coaching and empowerment programs.

National Recognition

We also embark on National development projects.

Capacity Building Programs

There is room for self-actualization through capacity building.

Self Oriented

We also offer you the opportunity to design your own economy, creating wealth and self-industrialization.

Action Steps:

We create awareness and enlightenment on times and seasons, and prepare our partners to position themselves to maximize each.

Leadership Role

We offer rooms for leadership building and development.

Result Oriented

We create dream actualization programs for our partners.

HR Programs

We also create opportunities for human resource development.

Philanthropist Scheme

We offer amazing opportunities for philanthropist, an avenue to give back to the society.

Mentorship Programs

There are also rooms for direct life skills mentorship.

Ready to Make a Change?

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