This is the arm of The BILLIONAIRE CREATORS’ ACADEMY that seek to help the massive raise cash flow to finance their projects or businesses; and to live their desired lifestyle. This is where our partners are shown and trained on workable and duplicable systems to create wealth for themselves. This is the business arm of our company.


This has to do with our company housing scheme for the partners. It is undeniable that Housing is a major need of man, and a highly desirable and demanded yet scarce commodity in our world today. So in our company we consider to answer to this heart-cry of many, by creating a scheme that seeks to make quality and classed housing facility available, affordable and accessible to our partners.


Reward is the spice of life. So we have set up this arm to reward our partners with quality, lovely and lofty shoppings at auspicious and luxurious malls, restaurants and market squares etc. This also include celebration and awarding of achievers annually. This arm also takes care of our company car plan for partners.


In our company, the health of our partners is paramount. So this arm is set up to take care of the healthcare needs and health insurance of our partners. This arm also take care of our philanthropy and puplic health and Medicare services. This is the arm that focus on reaching out and giving back to the society.


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” – Saint Augustine. Vacation is a lifestyle we hold dear in our organisation. As we can agree that ‘all works and no play make Jack a dull boy’, so we have decided to be embarking on a good holidays vacation annually, to cushion the effect of work and life’s stress. This is against the normal routines of working round the clock year to year without time to rest, which is a custom to majority. We believe that everyone deserves to be rewarded with a quality vacation for a good work done. So this is the arm that deals with and handles the holidays and vacation.




True wealth is wealth with a legitimate, learnable and teachable (i.e. duplicable) wealth creation principles and systems. Any wealth created by fraud or illegal means cannot be seen as true wealth and cannot also be sustainable.


True wealth is generated passively. This means that for one to enjoy true wealth he must understand the concept of leverage passive cash flow.


True wealth is trans-generational. If your affluence or financial abundance cannot be transferred to your next generations after you, it is not considered a true wealth.


True wealth emancipates and liberates others. How many lives are touched and affected positively by you also determine if you are enjoying true wealth. Wealth accumulated only for yourself and your immediate family is mere accumulation of vain wealth. So true wealth creates impacts and leaves legacy.

Hence, our motto in the is Creating true wealth.